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March 15, 2011 Board of County Commissioners Meeting





1. Approval of Amendment 1 to the Amended and Restated Orlando Utilities Commission/Orange County Water Service Territorial Agreement. (Office of Accountability)

2. Approval of Resolution of the Orange County Board of County Commissioners providing for a local mileage reimbursement rate and process for certain employees assigned to standby duty when using a private vehicle. (Human Resources Division)

3. Approval of Resolution of the Orange County Board of County Commissioners regarding AcAeSoftware, LLC Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund. (Office of Economic Development)

4. DriveCam Program Update. (Risk Management Division)

5. Selection of one firm and an alternate to provide Professional Consulting Services for Orange County Transportation Impact Fee Update, Request for Proposals Y11-801-EZ, from the following two firms, listed alphabetically:

  • Tindale-Oliver & Associates, Inc.
  • TischlerBise ([Growth Management Department Transportation Planning Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division)


A. Municipal Service Benefit Unit

1. Cypress Springs Area, amend for retention pond(s); District 4

2. North Bay Area, amend for retention pond(s); District 1

3. Granada Villas Area, amend for retention pond(s); District 1

B. Preliminary Subdivision Plan

4.-1 Dean Road Condos (fka Country Walk) Planned Development -Country Walk Units 4 & 5 Preliminary Subdivision Plan, District 4

C. Substantial Change

5.-1 Applicant: Jonathan Martin, Orangewood Planned Development (PO) Land Use Plan (LUP); amend plan; District 1

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