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October 21, 2008 Board of County Commissioners Meeting

Presentation of Employee Service Awards to: Debra Lavon Villella (20), Animal Services, Community & Environmental Services; Melanie M. Monroe (25), Department Office, Debra D. Crawford (25), Professional Services, Nuantip Slamin (25), Community Corrections, Eugene Fant Jr. (20), Mark E. Lacienski (25), In-Custody Security, Mark F. Russo (25), In-Custody Support, Corrections; Joseph Wood (20), James L. Butler (25), Brian G. Munger (30), Thomas E. Lester (30), Richard A. Wetterstrom (30), Operations, John E. Hightower (25), Logistics, Fire Rescue; Marilyn A. Neil (40), and Cynthia Y. Hall (25), Head Start, Health and Family Services; Rodney J. Lynn (20), Stormwater, Cle E. Clark (35), Roads and Drainage, Public Works

Invocation – District 5

•Introduction of Dr. James H. Ammons, President of Florida A&M University (FAMU)

Presentation of proclamation designating the week of October 23 through October 31, 2008 as Red Ribbon Week





1. Selection of one contractor and two ranked alternates to provide Inmate Telephone Services for the Corrections Department, Request for Proposals Y8-1052-LC, from the following three firms, listed alphabetically:

•DSI/Inmate Telephone, Inc.
•Global Tel*Link
•Public Communication Services, Inc.
([Community Corrections Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 388-391

2.Selection of one firm and two ranked alternates to provide State Lobbying Services, Request for Proposals Y9-104-LC, from the following three firms, listed alphabetically:

•Andrew L. Asher, P.A.
•Capitol Alliance Group
•Johnson and Blanton LLC
([Office of the Mayor] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 392-395



October 2, 2008 Board of Zoning Adjustment Recommendations


A. Planning and Zoning Commission Board-Called

1. Applicant: Don Bieger for State Farm Building Planned Development; Case RZ-07-08-063, August 21, 2008; District 5

2. Applicant: Kendell Keith for Park Plaza Planned Development; Case RZ-08-05-031, August 21, 2008; District 1

3. Applicant: Ron Priest for Riverside Town Homes Planned Development; Case RZ-08-06-033, August 21, 2008; District 4

B. Substantial Change

4. Applicant: Jim Hall of Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc., Bonnet Creek Planned Development (PD) Land Use Plan (LUP); amend plan; District 1

5. Applicant: Thomas R. Sullivan, Black Alafaya Planned Development (PD) Land Use Plan (LUP); amend plan; District 4

C. Preliminary Subdivision Plans

6. International Corporate Park Lot 1 Planned Development - Lincoln International Corporate Park Preliminary Subdivision, District 4

7. Hibiscus Springs Townhomes Preliminary Subdivision (Certified Affordable Housing), District 2

D. Shoreline Alteration/Dredge and Fill

8. Applicant: Wesley B. and Judith D. Davis, Lake Irma, permit, District 5; continued from September 16, 2008

E. Shoreline Alteration/Dredge and Fill

9. Applicant: John D. Allen, Lake Irma, permit, District 5


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