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January 8, 2008 Board of County Commissioners Meeting

Invocation - Mayor Crotty





1. Economic Outlook. Page 187-188


1. Presentation regarding Convention Center Marketing -1st Quarter Update. Page 189

2. Selection of one consultant and two ranked alternates to provide Professional Planning Consultant Services for State Road 436 and State Road 50 Area Redevelopment Plan, Request for Proposals Y8-806-J2, from the following four firms, listed alphabetically:

•Canin Associates, Inc.

•Land Design Innovations, Inc.

Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc.

•Wilbur Smith Associates, Inc.
([Planning Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 190-195

3. Presentation regarding e-Procurement. Page 196

Presentation of Employee Service Awards to: Thomas C. Rullo (25), Debra J. Zielonka (25), Operations, Fire Rescue; James Edward Harrison (20),Department Office, Growth Management; Jimmy H. Mitchell (40), Youth & Family Services, Health and Family Services; David A. McMullen (20), Roads and Drainage, Robert E. Zacconi (20), Traffic Engineering, Public Works; Dennis Ray Daughtry (20), Water Reclamation, Utilities.

December 20, 2007 Planning and Zoning Commission Recommendations


A. Petition to Vacate

1. Applicant: Herbert A. Licht on behalf of Federal Realty, Inc.; Petition to
Vacate 07-20, portion of a right-of-way; District 5

B. Preliminary Subdivision Plan

2.White Heron Preliminary Subdivision Plan, District 2

3.Meadow Woods Planned Development-Parcel 12.1-Lot 2 Preliminary
Subdivision Plan, District 4

C. Street Name Change Appeal

4. Appellants: Edwin and Marilyn Johnson, Donald R. Lewallen; Applicants: Homeowners on 37th Street; 37th Street east of Laguna Street; District 4

D. Preliminary Subdivision Plan

5. Deerwood Landings Planned Development - Wal-Mart Neighborhood
Market #5741 and Retail Preliminary Subdivision Plan, District 3;
continued from December 4, 2007

E. Planning and Zoning Commission Board-Called

6. Applicant: Scott Greer, Sadler Road Estates Planned Development" Case RZ-07-02-008, October 18, 2007; District 2

7. Applicant: Juan G. Lozano, Goldenrod Townhomes Planned
Development; Case RZ-07-03-022, October 18, 2007; District 4

F. Board of Zoning Adjustment Appeals

8.Appellants/Applicants: David and Jennifer Foley; Case ZM-07-10-010,
November 1, 2007; District 3

9.Appellants: Daniel Turtle, Alison Yurko; Applicant: Sunrise Landscape
Supply, Inc.; Case SE-07-11-006, November 1, 2007; District 2

G. Conservation Area Determination Appeals

10.Applicant: Kyle Goderis, Palmview Street, binding letter of exception;
District 5

11. Applicants: Genaro and Luz Zayas, Wedgefield Subdivision on Sabal
Street, binding letter of exception; District 5

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