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November 28, 2006 Board of County Commissioners Meeting

Invocation—Mayor Crotty





1. Approval of a Resolution endorsing Nemours building a state-of-the-art Children's Hospital in Orlando, Florida. Page 130-132

2. Election of Vice-Mayor for the balance of the 2006 calendar year and the 2007 calendar year. Page 133

3. Ninth Judicial Circuit Domestic Violence Budget Request. Page 134-136

4. Reappointment of Phillip C. Hollis and Joe Roberts to the Code Enforcement Board with terms expiring December 31, 2009 or nomination and appointment of individual(s) to succeed them. (Agenda Development Office) Page 137-139

5. Nomination of James B. Tyson for reappointment as an Orange County representative on the Orange County Library Board of Trustees or nomination of an individual to succeed him with a term effective January 1, 2007 and expiring December 31, 2010. (Agenda Development Office) Page 140-142

Convene as the Orange County Library District Governing Board

6. Appointment of an Orange County representative to the Library Board of Trustees with a term effective January 1, 2007 and expiring December 31, 2010. (Agenda Development Office) Page 143

Adjourn as the Orange County Library District Governing Board and reconvene as the Board of County Commissioners


1. Selection of one firm and one alternate to provide Risk Management Information System Services, Request for Proposals Y6-1099-NW, from the following two firms, listed alphabetically:

• Inform Applications, Inc. • Risk Sciences Group, Inc. ([Risk Management Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division) Page 144-146


1. Overview of the 800MHz Rebanding Process. (Public Safety Communications)Page 147


November 2, 2006, Board of Zoning Adjustment Recommendations


A. Petitions to Vacate

1. Applicant: Mark Smith for Personal Mini Storage; No. 06-26, portion of unnamed right-of-way, District 2

B. Municipal Service Taxing Unit/Benefit Unit (MSTU/BU)

2. Colonial Woods, amend for streetlighting to increase wattage from 100 to 150 watts, District 4


3. Woodbridge on the Green, amend for streetlighting to replace existing 50 watt post top fixtures and fiberglass poles with 100 watt ocala poles and colonial fixtures, District 1


4. La Cascada Phases 1, 1B, 1 C, and Beacon Park Phase 2; amend for retention pond(s) maintenance and streetlighting to include the lots of Beacon Park, Phase 2, District 4


5. Stoneybrook Hills Master Roads, amend for streetlighting to include Stoneybrook Hills Unit 2, District 2


6 Moss Park Commons and Moss Park Commons 1st Replat, amend for retention pond(s) maintenance to include Moss Park Commons 1st Replat, District 4


7. Moss Park Ridge, establish for retention pond(s) maintenance, District 4

C. Preliminary Subdivision Plans (PSPs)

8. Dora Wood Crossing PSP, District 2

9. Ridge at Wekiva PSP, District 2

D. Board of Zoning Adjustment Appeal

10. Appellant/Applicant: William Fogle/Robert Zlatkiss; Item VA-06-09-006, September 7, 2006, District 5-continued from October 24, 2006

E. Conservation Area Impact

11. Applicant: St. Johns River Water Management District, low water crossing at Seminole Ranch State Forest, Class I Wetlands Permit, District 5

12. Applicant: Faith Assembly of God of Orlando, Inc.; Class I and Class III Wetlands Permit, District 3

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