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July 18, 2006 Board of County Commissioners Meeting

Invocation—District 2

• Pledge of Allegiance

Proclamation-Bill Baxter, Public Works Director honored for 23 years of dedicated service






A. Ordinances

1. Amending Orange County Code, Section 25-140, Tourist Development Plan

2. Amending Orange County Code, Chapter 25, Article IV, increasing the Tourist Development Tax rate

B. Petitions to Vacate

3. Applicant: Orange County Public Works Department; Adm. No. 06-01,portion of right-of-way; District 5

4. Applicant: Jeffrey D. Allen; No. 06-11, portion of right-of-way; District 2

5. Applicant: Garrett McNeil; No. 06-08, drainage easement; District 1

C. Planning and Zoning Commission Board-Called

6. Applicant: Richard W. Linger, Stillwater Crossing and Center Bridge Planned Development; Case RZ-05-11-134, May 18, 2006; District 1

7. Applicant: Jodi Rutmann, Orlando International Hotel Planned Development; Case RZ-06-02-017, May 18, 2006; District 6

8. Applicant: Charlie M. Madden, Chaine Du Lac Phase II Subdivision; Case RZ-05-12-159, May 18, 2006; District 1

9. Applicant: Sherri Fragomeni for Frank A. Neilson; Case RZ-06-04-058, May 18, 2006; District 4

D. Substantial Change

10. Applicant: Lance Bennett, Signatures Lakes Planned Development/Land Use Plan (PD/ LDP); amend LUP; District 1

E. Conservation Area Determination Appeal

11. Appellant/Applicant: German Britto and Claudia Cardenas, District 4

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