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April 11, 2006 Board of County Commissioners Meeting

Invocation—Mayor Crotty

• Pledge of Allegiance

Presentation of proclamation designating the week of April 9 through April 15, 2006 as "Week of the Young Child" Presentation of "Summer Sunshine Award" for the Orange County Community Action Division Improved Nutrition and Physical Activity Program by Don Arnett, Regional Administrator, USDA Food and Nutrition Services Southeast Region





1. Selection of nine members for the Big Box Task Force. Page 231


1. Discussion of the Upper Ocklawaha River Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP), and authorization for the Mayor to sign a resolution supporting the BMAP. Districts 1 and 2. (Environmental Protection Division) Page 232

2. Approval of two resolutions to sunset the Bikeways Advisory Board and to add two members to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board to represent specific cycling interests. All Districts. (Community and Environmental Services Department) Page 233-238


1. Update on Integrated Water Resources Project; and approval to increase Contract Y2-903, Integrated Water Resources Project by $2.8 million for a total contract value of $10.8 million. (Utilities Administration) Page 239-240


1.-3  Approval and execution of the Settlement Agreement between Hunt/Clark/Construct Two, a joint venture, Orange County, Florida, and Johnson Controls, Inc. in Johnson Controls, Inc. v. Hunt Construction Group, Inc., The Clark Construction Group, Inc. and Construction Two Construction Manager's Inc., individually and as joint venturers trading as "HOC," and the Board of County Commissioners of Orange County, Florida, Case No. 05-CA-2670, arising out of the construction of Phase V of the Orange County Convention Center and providing for funding in the amount of $2,257,000. Page 241-269

2. Approval of a contribution $1,500,000 to the settlement of Keenan, Hopkins, Schmidt & Stowell Contractors, Inc. (KHS&S) v. Hunt Construction Group, Inc., The Clark Construction Group, Inc. and Construct Two Construction Manager's Inc., Case No. 04-CA-8731 in exchange for KHS&S's Release of Orange County. Page 270-299

3. Approval of contribution of $547,868 to the settlement of One Source, Inc., f/k/a Sunshine Roofing and Consulting, Inc. v. Hunt Construction Group, Inc., The Clark Construction Group, Inc. and Construct Two Construction Manager's Inc., Case No. 05-CA-5248. Page 300-324

Special Presentation to Jefferson Award Winner: Rene Schneider, Volunteer Art Coordinator, Great Oaks Village.

Presentation of Employee Service Awards to: Kyle A. Seaman (20), Management Information Systems, Convention Center; Carl Alan Tindel (20), Gregory A. Williams (20), Christine Karen Merriam (20), Morris Boykin (20), Jerry Kenneth Farmer (20), In-Custody Security, Steven S. Durkovic (20), In-Custody Support, Corrections; Michael G. Howell (30), Operations, Daniel G. McAvoy (25), Fire Rescue; Suzanne Jeanette Giroux (20), Building, Growth Management; Larkin E. Cockram (30), Developmental Engineering, Public Works; Linda L. Young (20), Customer Service, Frank A. Mooney (20), Water, Utilities

Presentation of 2005 Florida 4-H Horse Show "High Point Large County Award" by Orange County Extension 4-H youth


A. Petitions to Vacate

1. Applicant: Amit Patel, Raojidada Investments, Inc.; No. 06-02, 25-footwide unnamed right-of-way; District 2

2. Applicant: Kenneth M. Czubay, J-S Land Holdings, LLC; No. 05-30, portion of drainage easement; District 1


3. Magnolia Pointe, amend for streetlighting, District 2

4. Winwood, amend for streetlighting, District 1

5. Robinson Hills Units 1-6, amend for retention pond(s) maintenance and streetlighting, District 2

6. LaCascada Phase 1, 1B, and 1C; amend for retention pond(s) maintenance and streetlighting; District 4

7. Pepper Mill, amend for common area maintenance, District 4

8. Centennial Drive-Lake Sparling Heights Unit 2; establish for one-time-only speed hump installation; District 2

C. Substantial Change

9. Applicant: Hugh Harling, Wekiva Springs Estates Preliminary Subdivision Plan; amend plan; District 2-continued from March 7, 2006.

D. Board of Zoning Adjustment Board-Called

10. Applicant: Maxine Hazlewood; Item SE-06-02-014, February 2, 2006; District 2

11. Applicant: Orlando Utilities; Item SE-06-02-002, February 2, 2006; District 4

E. Development Review Committee Decision Appeals

12. Appellant/Applicant: Duke Woodson, Centex Homes, Rosewood Unit 1 Plat, District 4

F. Development Review Committee Decision Appeals

13. Appellant/Applicant: Tommy Boroughs, Pizzuti, OWP, LLC; Southchase Parcel 37; District 4

G. Planning and Zoning Commission Board-Called

14. Applicant: Orange County Public Schools, Lakeview Relief Middle School Planned Development; Case RZ-06-02-016, February 16, 2006; District 1

H. Substantial Change

15. Applicant: Hugh M. Lokey, Waterford Pointe Phase III Preliminary Subdivision Plan; amend plan; District 1

I. Master Plan

16. University of Central Florida 2005 Campus Master Plan and Campus Development Agreement, District 5

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